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Full-length Books:

Do you feel stressed, angry, or scared? Do these feelings lead you to say or do things you later regret? We’ve all been there. And with all the rapid changes going on in the world, making clear-headed choices keeps getting harder. But there is a solution. Practical spirituality can bring you the inner peace you need to live a better life.


It’s the Christmas season, and you’re miserable. Maybe this will be your first Christmas without a loved one who recently died. Or perhaps you’ve got a major depressive disorder, and the meds just aren’t cutting it right now. Or maybe you always feel down this time of year. This short booklet offers hope.

Life has its ups and downs. This short booklet has one simple purpose: to show that the ups and downs of life have purpose and meaning. At least… they can have purpose and meaning, if we approach them with the right attitude.

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